NSP Purim Party

WHEN: March 9, 2020 | 8pm - midnight

WHERE: Ivy City Smokehouse (1356 Okie St NE)

8:00pm: Party begins

9:00 - 9:30pm: Welcome

9:30 - 10:30pm: Schpiel
10:30pm - midnight: Music & dance party!


Join the New Synagogue Project’s Purim Party to laugh, dance, feast, drink and affirm community in the face of the tyranny and division of this political moment. The Purim Party will put a disruptive, queer, glittery spin on the holiday known  for turning the night upside down and seeing the world anew through  raucous celebration, costumes, and lots of drinks. 

A time for rule-breaking joy

Purim is a time to build power and bring light into the world by laughing at  the cruelty that surrounds us. Get ready to dress up in your zaniest  costume and embrace the raucous celebratory spirit of Purim. Don’t worryyou’ll get to nosh on all the hamentaschen cookies that your heart desires to fuel an evening of music and dance.

In addition to a line-up of spectacular musical performances, this year’s Purim schpiel (“satirical political skit”) will feature a jovial, binary-bending burlesque show to embrace the opportunity Purim presents to dramatically reinvent ourselves.

A time to empower a collective culture of care

Purim is a time to show up for neighbors and recommit to taking care of each  other. Traditionally, this is practiced as delivering gift baskets of  treats to neighbors (AKA mishloach manot). The NSP Purim Party will create an opportunity to bring all of our community into  this tradition of collective care by donating all ticket sales proceeds to Black Lives Matter DC's Cop Watch Team.   

Black  Lives Matter DC has recently launched its Official Cop Watch Team to  monitor the police on the streets of DC to prevent, follow up on and  expose brutality and misconduct as a form of community defense. The Cop  Watch Team will start with strolls in Anacostia, Congress Heights, and  Deanwood neighborhoods. In an age of increased police surveillance and  state violence, it is important to leverage the tools we have available  to confront and document police interactions. It is particularly  important for Black people in DC to be prepared and organized building  community through knowing their rights, keeping each other safe, and  being supported while monitoring and exposing the police.  

This opportunity complements the NSP Justice Team’s work to begin creating  the culture and skills to support copwatch efforts in Northwest as part  of NSP’s Reimagining Safety education and action program. NSP has begun  to invite members to join copwatch strolls in Northwest DC following  Saturday evening Havdalah gatherings.   

Additionally, NSP is taking on separate fundraising to cover the basic costs of the event. NSP  members are invited to pay for a space in the event program book with a  note of encouragement or thanks to another NSP member. For example, ‘Eleanor, I loved leading Shabbat services with you last week! - Janet’. The price is $36 and you can find out all the information you need in the 1-pager. Please email if you would like to make a contribution or pay for an add online here. Note that the final day to submit ads/notes is February 14.