Such a Time as This: NSP's Radical Purim Party

Celebrate Purim with New Synagogue Project, the event that launched our community one year ago!

At our second-annual Purim celebration, "Such a Time as This," we will put a political, queer, glittery spin on the holiday known for turning the night upside down and seeing the world anew through raucous celebration, costumes, and lots of drinks. 


We'll be celebrating with...

... a Klezmer/Jazz band and happy hour ...
... a spiel (political theater skit) & Shmutzik Shmates (Yiddish burlesque troupe) ...
... music and dancing! featuring Born Dad (a NE DC-based queer punk band) and a DJ ... 


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In addition to the line-up of performances and live music, throughout the event, participate in a silent auction with proceeds  supporting Justice for Muslims Collective. Jewish Currents will also be selling magazine subscriptions, offering a free drink to anyone who  subscribes.

Such a Time as This is one of many radical Purim celebrations bursting across North America. Our gathering is loosely based on other radical Purim parties, such as the ones put on by Jews for Racial &  Economic Justice in New York and the Boston Workmen’s Circle. The wild,  countercultural spirit of Purim in Jewish traditions aligns with the New Synagogue Project's value to work for equity, justice and collective liberation.

This event is in partnership with Justice for Muslims Collective and Jewish Currents, a leftist Jewish magazine. New Synagogue Project is excited to partner with Justice for Muslims Collective to highlight the state surveillance faced by the Muslim community and its connections to the Purim story.


8:00pm: Klezmer/Jazz Band

9:15pm: Spiel (political theater skit) and Shmutzik Shmates (Yiddish burlesque troupe)

10:15pm: Born Dad (queer punk band)

10:45pm-midnight: DJ and dancing!

Details & Registration

Date and Time:

Wed, Mar 20, 2019, 8PM



Smith Public Trust

3514 12th Street Northeast

Washington, DC 20017 


Suggested donation sliding scale $5-18

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