Chesed means “loving kindness.” At NSP, the Chesed/Community Care Team helps us take care of and show up for one another when we are experiencing challenging or joyous life events or in need of support. We also aim to foster a sense of community for new and existing members through traditional means and fun actions we imagine together, like our member-hosted Shabbat dinners for new community members. Here are some of the events we support often:

  • Births/arrivals of a new child or family member
  • Death, Dying, and bereavements Illness, hospitalizations, and recovery
  • Unexpected life changes (job loss, housing transition, etc.)
  • Gender transitions and name changes.

We invite members experiencing any of these changes (or any others we haven’t yet identified) to let the Chesed/Community Care team know by emailing A member of our team will reach out to you to learn more and offer support.

For those interested in joining the Chesed/Community Care team and participating in our support programs, please e-mail