At the New Synagogue Project, we are building a community around liberation, inclusion, and mutual support. This includes building a home for queer Jews and our partners, families, and communities. The Queer Space gathers us as queer NSP members and leaders for social events, like Shabbat and picnics, as well as for Torah study, life cycle events, and singing.

In many Jewish communities and institutions, queer Jews can be siloed into affinity spaces in a way that feels tokenizing or marginalizing. At NSP, queer-normative is the norm. Queer and trans Jews helped to found NSP, lead services and other rituals, and are in every level of leadership in the congregation. Rather than isolating us from the broader NSP community, the Queer Space allows us to fill our cups in close connection with other queer people of many backgrounds, social circles, and ages.

If you’d like to be involved in planning an event with the Queer Space, get on the Queer Space listserv, or talk about queer life at NSP, contact Queer Space co-leads Julia Merlin and Leah Schwartz at