Kids' Education

At Kollel, we’re teaching our children a lively, meaningful Judaism, rich with art, culture, text, big questions, and deep discussionOur innovative curriculum brings Jewish values to life through art, stories, debates, mini-strike-organizing, and more! 


We have just launched our first-ever B’Mitzvah cohort for current sixth graders. We are designing a brand new community-centered B’mitzvah curriculum, in which our students will plan a justice project for the community and begin to take on the responsibilities of being a Jewish adult and full member of the community.

Young Children

Through joyful Tot Shabbat services, our Parents Circle, and more, NSP engages parents of young children and their little ones in learning and Jewish practice that is meaningful and fun for the whole family.

Divrei Torah

Sermons/Divrei Torah (words of Torah) are shared by Rabbi Yosef and by community members during our Shabbat and holiday services. We’ve compiled some highlights here.

Weekly Parsha Study with Rabbi Yosef

Join Rabbi Yosef and NSP members in a weekly text study class on Thursdays at Noon over Zoom. Each class will focus on a particular aspect of the weekly Torah portion. No prior text study experience is required. Join every week or when you are able.

Introduction to Jewish Practice

Rabbi Yosef teaches his eight-week class, “Introduction to Jewish Practice: Grounded and Open Judaism for Everyday Life,” twice per year. The course, which is open to current and prospective members, teaches the foundations of Jewish practice and guides participants through the tenets of Jewish thinking, ritual, and spirituality. The course is geared towards anyone who wants to learn more or delve more deeply into Jewish practice, including those who want to update (or unlearn) their Hebrew School education, interfaith couples, and those returning to or interested in exploring Judaism.

Shabbat Morning Text Study

Once a month, NSP members gather for a community-led Saturday morning text study where they unpack the week’s parsha, or Torah reading, together. NSP members guide the discussion, which is accessible to those with and without deep knowledge of Torah.

What else would you like to learn?

Our Learning Team, Education Director, and Rabbi work to create offerings throughout the year to nourish our community as we move through the cycle of the Jewish calendar and along our learning journeys. Let us know if there’s something you’d like to learn!