Chesed/Community Care

The Chesed/Community Care Team coordinates care for our community during times of joy, difficulty, newness, and change. The team coordinates meal trains, arranges shivas, checks in on NSP members, and guides the rest of leadership on building a caring community that puts the emotional health of our leaders and members at the center. 

Have a life cycle event, care request, or other update you’d like to share with the Chesed team? Want to get involved? Contact the team leaders at Learn more here.

Life Cycle Events

Jewish tradition teaches us to mark transitions with intention. We’re building a community that marks important life cycle events from birth to death, including baby namings, b’mitzvah, gender transitions, weddings, name changes, conversions and affirmations, and the passing of loved ones.

Rabbi Yosef is available to officiate life cycle rituals for members of NSP. Those wishing to engage Rabbi Yosef as officiant who are not yet members are encouraged to join. Contact to discuss your plans.

Pastoral Care

Every one of us faces times of sickness, loss, and other life challenges. Rabbi Yosef is available to offer support to our members facing these and other difficult times. If you would like to meet with Rabbi Yosef, please email him at