Our Shabbat and Holiday services are led by community members and Rabbi Yosef together. See here for more information about our Shabbat and Holiday offerings. Contact Rabbi Yosef at to learn more about getting involved in shaping and leading rituals at NSP.


We believe communal singing is an incredibly powerful way to pray, connect with each other and ourselves, and find healing. Singing infuses our services and gatherings, and we are always looking for new ways to create vibrant, songful experiences. If you have ideas or would like to learn more about singing at NSP, please email

And check out our Soundcloud to start getting familiar with the songs and melodies we often sing!

Hallel Rosh Chodesh

Hallel is the traditional prayer of praise and thanksgiving, which we have the opportunity to recite in ecstatic song every month on Rosh Chodesh, the first day of each Jewish month, which coincides with the new moon. When we gather for hallel, we give thanks for the month we had, however it may have been. And as we reflect on the past month, we will look forward to the month ahead and all it will bring us.

If you love to sing and celebrate, learn more about the Hebrew calendar and the upcoming month, please join us! For more information contact Robin Banerji at