About Membership

Becoming a member is a spiritual and political act. In Jewish terms, membership is a brit (a covenant) in which we enter into a sacred relationship. And as our community’s membership grows, our collective ability to create meaningful change in our city and the world grows, too.

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Everyone is welcome at our services and social gatherings, but members have first claim on our learning programs, such as Rabbi Yosef’s Introduction to Jewish Practice course, and guaranteed seats at High Holidays services. You’ll also gain access to our membership listserv, which is a great way to communicate and share resources with the rest of the NSP community.


NSP is a leader-full community, and we invite you to come be a part of it. Our 14 member-led teams are the engine of NSP, and team members co-create what this community is and does! Reach out to a team lead or to our Synagogue Director, Lauren Spokane, if you want to talk more about getting involved.

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