Hear from members

We are building a community that is spiritually vibrant, radically inclusive, and reflects our vision for a world of justice, equity, and liberation. Be a part of it! Our community is built by and for religious, secular, and atheist Jews, families with kids, partnered and single people, queer and trans people, disabled and chronically ill people, D/deaf and hard of hearing folks, interfaith families, Jews of color and white Jews, and anyone interested in exploring and experiencing Jewish life. To learn more about getting involved and to join as a member, click here. Want to talk to a real human about how to plug in or to answer questions you have about the community? Contact our Membership Team at membership@newsynagogueproject.org. 

Here’s what our members and volunteer leaders have to say about being part of NSP:

“NSP is so special to me, because it has made the unimaginable real. I didn’t think a community like NSP could exist before it did—somewhere where Jews like me were not only included, but valued and embraced.”

— Chase Carter, NSP member

“Jews of Color are a growing portion of the Jewish community that has always existed, but we are consistently alienated from Jewish spaces because of these same misguided assumptions about who makes up a Jewish community. NSP has worked to create dedicated space and resources to uplift Jewish voices like mine and has committed itself to learning and acting on antiracism.”

— Emma Rafaelof, NSP board member and JOC Space co-lead

“As a parent in a queer interfaith relationship with a genderqueer partner, I can relax into the confident knowledge that my young children will see our family and our values celebrated and embraced, and that my children have a supportive space as they explore their own gender identity. College activism helped me find my way back to organized Judaism and workers’ rights and other justice struggles have been central to my work and community in DC. Twenty years after graduating, it feels both nurturing and exciting to be part of a Jewish community centered around justice.”

— Jess Champagne, NSP member