To learn more about NSP’s Arts & Culture programs or to get involved in helping to shape them, contact

Blank Canvas Workshops

NSP’s Arts & Culture Team is piloting a community-driven arts project, Blank Canvas. We aim to host a series of free, super-casual, one-time creative workshops, drawing inspiration from the theme of the Hebrew month.

The classes will be led by peers and might cover anything from floral arranging, to watercolors, clay, poetry, tarot – you name it! This is an opportunity to tap into our inherent creativity, build community, and share skills.

Please fill out this form if you’re interested in facilitating one of the workshops in this series! No need to have any particular credentials, simply a desire to share what you love to create and teach others to try it out.

Media Salon

The Media Salon is a periodic gathering of NSP members to discuss a piece of media or culture — articles, TV shows, movies, and more — that intersect in some way with Jewish life, current political issues, and/or other topics of interest to the group. The Salon is an informal, non-ritual space to chat about Jewish topics and build connections with other members. To learn more, get in touch with Stephanie Romanoff at

Special Events

We love hosting special events like concerts, book talks, or craft fairs. Have an idea for something we should plan, or know an amazing artist coming to town? Let us know! Check our events calendar for upcoming events.