Your support is what turns our big dreams into realities. With your help, in the next year we will: 

  • Expand Kollel, our innovative kids education program, with new classrooms & teaching staff to serve more families, meet the learning needs of all students, and build on the early success of our original Hebrew learning program
  • Grow our adult education programs, such as Radical Jewish History and Introduction to Jewish Practice, and launch new ones, e.g. Jewish Mysticism
  • Cultivate our singing culture through song-leading workshops, community sings, and visiting musicians
  • Deepen our role as a conduit to the rich national ecosystem of progressive, creative Judaism through programs like Kirva mussar (spiritual ethical practice) groups and visiting artists & speakers
  • Create more opportunities to bring our full, authentic selves to NSP, including intersectional celebrations such as Mid-Autumn Festival in the Sukkah, multi-racial family events, and Sefardi & Mizrahi affinity conversations.

If you’ve given to NSP in the past, we humbly ask you to consider increasing your support this year as we take big steps forward toward our collective vision. 

If this is your first or your 6th time contributing to NSP – THANK YOU! Your support truly matters.

This year, we are combining our general fundraiser (“Friends and Family”) and our Kollel Kids’ Education seed fundraiser under the shared banner of Root & Grow. You can indicate below if you’d like your gift to support Kollel. Your support has helped us get to this point, and now we can dream even bigger about what this community and our education programs can be!

Art by Naomi Forman-Katz