As our High Holidays team prepares logistically for our many services and programs to bring in 5784, and as many of us move through Elul preparing spiritually for renewing the cycle of the Jewish year, we want to offer some ways to prepare materially for the holidays and for our Jewish practice throughout 5784.

Following up from the Pushcart Judaica Pop-Up Market we co-hosted in June, here are some offerings by queer, BIPOC, and disabled artists and makers within and connected to our community that we wanted you to know about:

Shabbat and Havdalah Candles made by Ollie Schwartz of Pushcart Judaica

Our first DC CSA for hand dipped 100% beeswax candles made with crip queer love and a dash of turmeric at the Pushcart shop on Nipmuc and Pocumtuk lands//Ashfield, MA. Candles will be distributed by Velvel Breads at their three pickup locations in Petworth, Mt. Pleasant, and Takoma Park the week of Oct. 16. **Order by Sept. 15.**

Treats and Challah from Velvel Breads

Petworth-based CSA-style bakery led by NSP member Hannah Wolfman-Arent. Customers pre-order breads and noshes, then pick up when the treats are ready. Velvel Breads offers both month-long subscriptions and à la carte options.

Block-Printed Cards by NSP member Raina Fox

100% of proceeds from card sales in Autumn 2023 will be donated to organizations that support LGBTQIA+ and/or BIPOC led social justice movements and services. 

Greeting Cards and Postcards by NSP member Simone Holzer

Nature-inspired art for everyday life!

Hyperlocal Honey from NSP members Maria Cramer and Robin Banerji

Their three colonies of backyard bees harvest Petworth’s bounteous nectar from holly, redbud, locust, cherry, catalpa, linden, and crepe myrtle. With the honey harvest timed perfectly for Rosh Hashanah, we’re excited to share our celebration with the community that produced it and beyond!

Jewelry from Beloved Fruit

A bat mitzvah project / jewelry business whose purpose is to raise money to support immigrants and refugees in need of legal services. All products are made by Priya Kasargod-Staub, and all proceeds will be donated to immigrant justice organizations.

As Priya describes it, “my parsha is Beshallach, which tells the story of the Israelites escaping Egypt. Reflecting on this parsha in a modern context I see it as about people fleeing oppression and seeking refuge.” People can view Beloved Fruit products at @belovedfruit2024 on Instagram, and can place orders by emailing New designs will be available on Monday September 4th. 

Tzitzit hand-spun by Kohenet Ori J Clemons

An NSP community member now living in West Philly, Ori’s threads are spun with kavanah (intention) specifically for the purpose of tzitzit, and in accordance with minhag, are cut with non-metal implements. Order tzitzit here, or email to commission a custom-made amulet by consultation!  

Top Surgery Plushies and Embroidery made by NSP member Rory Rothman

Purchase on Etsy and follow @transartbyrory on Instagram!