We are committed to making NSP as accessible and inclusive for all who wish to participate. This includes people who are disabled, chronically ill, neurodivergent, D/deaf, hard of hearing, blind or low vision, have scent-sensitivities, or who have any other kind of disability.

ASL interpretation is available for all NSP events, either by default or upon request. NSP provides ASL interpretation as a default at all Friday evening adult Shabbat services and large community events. For smaller events or team meetings, havdallah, or Saturday morning services, attendees can request ASL interpretation when they register, or by contacting access@newsynagogueproject.org, ideally at least 72 hours in advance (but we will work to accommodate last minute requests as best as we’re able!). Specific access information will be included on all event registrations, but if you have any questions, email access@newsynagogueproject.org.

CART captioning is available on request, and automatic captioning is available for all Zoom events. Please email access@newsynagogueproject.org with any questions about accessibility!

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NSP Covid-19 Event Protocol Agreements:

We want programming to be available to as many congregants and members of our extended community as possible, while maintaining our commitment to pikuah nefesh, safeguarding life, as a central value: “We hold that to save one member of our community is to save and preserve the entire community of NSP and beyond.” We ask that you abide by the following protocols: 

  1. Please rapid test before attending in person, indoor events on the day of the gathering. This will help us to limit spread at our events and keep one another safe. We will have rapid tests on site for you to use, feel free to arrive early to use one of these tests. 
  2. All attendees of NSP in-person events must be fully vaccinated. Fully vaccinated means two shots plus booster for the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines and one shot plus booster for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Children under 5 years who are eligible for vaccination must have begun the vaccine schedule. If you have any questions regarding this policy, vaccine eligibility, or should you require a medical exemption, please contact Rabbi Yosef (rabbi@newsynagogueproject.org).
  3. Masking is required for all indoor meetings and use of indoor spaces (e.g. bathrooms) at outdoor events. When masks are required, attendees over 2 years old must wear a mask. Acceptable face coverings include: 2-layer cotton, surgical, or KN95 masks without a vent; unacceptable face coverings include: gaiters, bandanas, or similar. Masks must cover the nose and mouth entirely and be on for the duration of the event. Masks are not required outdoors. 
  4. Members may not attend if they currently have any common symptoms of Covid-19, including cough, sneezing, fever, chills, or nausea. Members may not attend if they are waiting on the result of a Covid-19 test due to possible or confirmed exposure to Covid-19 or have recently been exposed to someone with Covid-19

In regards to distancing, please be mindful that not everyone has the same risk tolerance, and some attendees will likely want to remain socially distanced. Please ask before hugging or standing in close proximity to other attendees and when possible, maintain distance from others not in your pod.

Update in May 2023:

  • Services and open meetings and programs remain masked, retaining the current policy (this includes testing for in person events). The current policy is also that closed groups, for example the Finance Team, can decide on protocol based on group consensus. This will also stay the same.
  • NSP allows for mask optional food/meals together indoors after Shabbat services or after other programs with a clearly advertised and enforced demarcation of when different aspects of a program start and end. Whenever weather and space considerations allow, we will do potlucks and meals outdoors. When potlucks happen indoors, we will have supplies prepared for a group to eat together outside and support this from the front of the room (ie. “a group of us is planning to eat outside, join us! So and so is organizing… meet over there in 5 minutes.”). 
  • We are committed to continuing to provide free tests to anyone who needs them. 
  • Kollel will continue to operate with the policies set by Liora, our Education Director.