Queerspace X JOC Space Seder

Monday, April 22, 6:00 – 8:00pm

We’re excited to host an outdoor Queerspace x JOC Space First Night Seder. If you identify as queer and/or a person of color in the NSP community, this Seder is for you!
Register here!

Mimouna Celebration
When: Saturday, May 4th 6pm-8pm
Where: Outdoor in Petworth, DC

Mimouna is a festival celebrated by Moroccan Jews at the end of Passover. This is a joyous time to celebrate spring, generosity, and community. Hospitality is also a key theme as is traditional to share food with neighbors during the festival, and our potluck will reflect this. Since it is a celebration at the end of Passover there is a special emphasis on breads, cakes, and leavened goods, but delicious gluten-free treats are also welcome.
In addition to the potluck dinner, we will have a Sephardi-led Havadalah ceremony and henna artist. The whole community is invited to participate! 
Register here to attend.